Standing at Stud Champagne On Ice 12.1H Perlino (Blue-eyed creme) Sport Pony DOB April 3, 2004 Sire: Donnybrook Farm Golden Griffin Dam: Donnybrook Farm Fionualla



     Champ is a lovely mover, athletic,and sensible.  He is not hot blooded or dominant.  He comes from a small family breeding farm that has bred ponies since the early seventies.  Donnybrook Farm has always bred for ponies that are good minded ,athletic,versitile,and correct ponies for children to show.  They used cross breeding of special horses and ponies over the years to achieve these traits.  Champs’ sire DBF Golden Griffin (Griff)  is 1/2 welarah + 1/4  arab + 1/4 grade pony.  He is a small buckskin stallion who is athletic,correct, and kind.  His sire Stonecroft Storm Signal is from Marsha Himlers breeding program.  She has small welsh ponies with lots of bucksins.  Champs’ dam, DBF Fionualla is 1/2 connemara + 1/4 welsh + 1/4 arab.   The connemara lines are all three of the old foundation lines through each dam.  His 4th great gandfather (circa 1940’s) was one of the few blue eyed creams registered and siring creams in Ireland.  Champs’ great grandfather is the great Canrower Boy who was imported in the early seventies.   Toreen Laddie was imported in the fifties.



     Since Champ is a double-dilute he will also provide you with color.  A great way to take a plain brown mare and get desirable bucksins’ duns, palaminos, and double-dilutes. Go to to see the color chart for you mare.  He is a great choice for the sire of your next sport pony.  I absolutely love handling him each day’.  He is so kind and honest.