I grew up with animals and have always loved them. This helped me develop the ability to understand them. There was a small farm down the street from us in Newtown, CT.  I always had to go there for rides. At the age of four my father got me my first pony; doing so was cheaper than paying for all the pony rides each week .  When I was seven, we got a different pony which foaled during the first year we had her. That was the first horse I ever trained and when my passion for training began.  We moved and I was unable to keep my ponies which was very sad.  I spent a few years in 4H raising a seeing eye dog and showing rabbits.  This led to my decision to go to The University of Connecticut where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science with my major in Pre-Vet.  I enjoyed being on the  Womens’ varsity Polo Team and Vaulting Team.  I took Independent studies with John Bennett and all the horse classes with Dr. Jim Dinger and Janice Callahan.  I decided I enjoyed treating behavioral problems more than medical problems.  A few years after graduation I met and had the opportunity to mentor with Chris Sartre who generously  shared her talent for making the best out of any horse.  The easy ones can be brought along by most;  Chris taught me that  the more more sensitive ones take more thought and creativity.  That lesson has stuck with me.  the need to discern and adjust training approaches for each individuals needs is what makes this process so interesting to me and why I always have a project or two to work on. Most horses want to be alright with you. This provides the basis  for my training program .